Best Driver For A Slice [2023 Top Rated Reviews For Correcting Yours]

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Slicing the golf ball can be problematic for golfers of all abilities, especially off the tee. That is why when searching it is advantageous to choose the best driver for a slice if you struggle with this problem.

You may find that you are losing golf balls often and are desperate to hit more fairways to improve your golf handicap. A quick way to improve this is to stop slicing the ball.

All truly great drivers will help you out when it comes to slicing, especially with 2023 technology! Our comprehensive driver choices can be found here. However, this guide will cover the very best ones specific for golfers looking for the best golf drivers for a slice.

2023 Quick Picks: Best Golf Drivers For A Slicer

TaylorMade M2
#1 Overall Pick
Cleveland Launcher HB
Perfect For Slower Swings
Cobra Men's F-Max
Callaway Mavrik MAX
Premium Option
PGX Offset
Budget Choice

5 Best Golf Drivers For A Slice

Below we cover in more detail exactly why our choices make our list of the best drivers for a slice.

#1: TaylorMade M2

#1 Overall Pick

taylormade m2 driver

If you’re struggling with slicing the golf ball and are looking for a choice from a premium brand that doesn’t cost a fortune and will offer plenty of flexibility as well as solving your slicing issues then look no further than this option from TaylorMade.

Not only does it have great features that we’ve come to expect from great modern day drivers such as an adjustable loft but the design and feel are also great making it a great choice to not only fix a slice but also advance your game further too.


  • Large Sweet Spot
  • Adjustable Loft
  • Great Design
  • Used By Leading Pros


  • Older Model

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#2: cleveland Launcher HB Turbo Driver

Great For Slower Swings

cleveland launcher driver 2

We recommend this driver, especially for senior golfers. The sweet spot that you will find with this driver is plenty to accommodate a slower swing and still find the fairway on a regular basis while also getting great distance.

Additionally, compared to some of the other big name brand drivers on the market you should find that this offering is more affordable. Overall if you have an average handicap or high handicap then you should check out this choice.


  • Large sweet spot
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable


  • Better choices for low handicappers

#3: cobra Men’s F-MAX Superlite

Lightweight Option

f max superlite driver

Third on our list of the best golf drivers for slicers is this offset driver from Cobra. This offset driver offers a unique hosel design which creates higher launch and in turn leads to not just long drives but also straight drives too.

The lightweight design of this driver also means that it helps to promote as much clubhead speed as possible even if you are somebody who has a slow swing speed. Overall this is a really flexible pick and is a great choice if straight drives are your main priority.


  • Lightweight
  • Loft Options
  • Offset Technology


  • Limited Availability

#4: Callaway Mavrik Max

Flexible with New Technology, Premium Option

callaway mavrik max

Callaway really know what they are doing when it comes to golf equipment, especially drivers. We have seen the GBB range succeed as well as the Epic Flash succeed. This offering is another successful driver from the company and when it comes to hitting straight drives we’ll focus on the Max option.

With this club coming with weights that can be changed it really focuses on ensuring that golfers can hit the straightest and most forgiving shots possible. What we also love about this offering is that not only does it come with a range of options for shaft and loft but it also is much more affordable than the standard Mavrik Driver.


  • Modern Design
  • Flexible
  • Loft Options
  • Latest Technology


  • None

#5: PGX Offset

Best Value Driver For A Slice

PGX Offset Golf Driver

The PGX Offset Driver will allow you to hit more accurate tee shots and prevent slices. It is an affordable option for golfers looking to save money.

  • Budget Friendly
  • Easy To Use
  • Anti Slice Technology

Most people who slice the ball on a consistent basis are beginners. Starting out you may have various expenses purchasing other items such as your complete beginner golf club set. Therefore despite wanting to fix your slice you also may be looking at how you can do this most economically. Enter this driver by PGX!

If you are serious about your game in the long term then an option such as the M2 may be preferred as there is definitely more room to grow with that driver. However, this offers the best value driver for a slice on the market in our opinion. For the price it really does an effective job in helping you to hit your driver straight consistently.


  • Best Value For The Price
  • Designed For Accuracy
  • Beginner Friendly


  • No Thrills Option
  • Lower Durability

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Why Golfers Slice The Ball?

Golfers of all abilities slice the ball, in fact it is not uncommon for it to happen on the PGA Tour occasionally. However, this is something that is found more so in beginner golfers. This is exactly why beginners choose beginner clubs and beginner drivers instead of the latest pro equipment.

They really can help you to reduce the number of slice shots or hook shots during a round.

The below video illustrates that even the pros on tour can be prone to shots that amateurs often make from time to time!

So how do you ensure that you slice the ball less often. Well we’re going to start by covering some drivers which will be sure to help your game and then we will cover some of our top tips which include positioning yourself correct, having the correct grip and balancing your weight correctly.

Buying Criteria For An Anti Slice Driver

Before you make a purchase of the best driver for a slice it is important to know exactly which criteria to look for in your driver selection. Below we cover for us the two most important buying criteria.


The main factor when looking for a driver for a slice is to ensure that it is forgiving. By having a driver with forgiveness you can avoid slicing the ball at address.


Once you’ve chosen the most forgiving golf driver you will want to make sure that it is of a good standard so that the driver stays forgiving in the long term. The problem being that if you purchase a poor standard driver then chances are that you will be replacing it year on year out of necessity instead of choice.

Bonus Tips To Fix A Golf Slice

Now that you are aware of which drivers can help a slice it is important to know what some of the best tips are to prevent slicing from happening again. A driver can only do so much and it is much better to get the fundamentals of your game right to set yourself up for long term success out on the course.

Slice Tip #1: Positioning

Standing too close to the tee and too far forward are common mistakes that golfers make which causes a slice. Butch Harmon states that ‘with the drive you should line up in line with the logo of your shirt and the butt of the grip at address should be about six inches from your body’ (Golf Digest).

Sometimes golfers rush their tee shots and by taking the time to make sure that your position is correct before addressing the golf ball you can make sure that your tee shots are more accurate.

Slice Tip #2: Grip

Secondly, by not having the proper golf grip you can increase your chances of slicing your drives. Therefore it essential to get to the driving range and work on your grip to not only increase your accuracy but also see benefits in terms of power too.

Slice Tip #3: Weight Balancing

Thirdly, it is important to balance your weight properly to ensure that you shift your weight from your back foot to the front foot when swinging the club. By doing this you will reduce the liklihood that you slice the golf ball off the tee.

In Summary: Which Anti Slice Driver Should You Pick For Correcting?

To summarize preventing a slice will require a mixture of improving your equipment and also your technique. By getting the combination right you can hit straighter drives in no time and it can often start with selecting the best golf driver for a slice.

In terms of equipment it all comes down to your own personal preference but we would say that if you want to invest in an all round option that will maximize both straight drives and drive distance then you should check out the Taylormade M2 Driver or the Callaway Mavrik Max.