Best Driver For Seniors In Golf [Top Recommended Picks!]

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In this guide you’ll find the best golf driver for senior golfers in 2022. You’ll find that we have compiled our recommended picks so that you can find your ideal choice that is perfect for your exact needs.

For senior golfers the game will change slightly compared to their game previously, which means it makes sense to adapt your golf bag as your game adapts too. Even though you may lose some driver distance this doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to find a club that allows you to bring your A game to the course every time you play.

In this compete guide, you will be able to find the best drivers for seniors across a range of criteria including the best overall, best senior high handicapper driver and the best value option. This means you will find a driver to suit your exact needs.

2022 Quick Picks: Best Driver For Seniors

Cobra King F7
Best Driver For Seniors
Cleveland Launcher HB
Great Sweet Spot
Taylormade RBZ
Best Lightweight Choice
Ping G30
Best For Beginner Seniors
Callaway GBB Driver
Best For High Handicappers
PGX Offset
Best Value For Seniors


One of the major changes that senior golfers find is that they lose some of the distance in their golf game that they previously had. In terms of a round of golf the one area where distance is most important will be off the tee. This is exactly why seniors want to find the best option specifically for them

Often the approach shots and putting will remain consistent, however with a slight decrease in distance when driving in golf it is important to find ways to keep as much of this lost distance as possible which is where finding the best possible choice comes in and ensuring you choose a club with the best driver loft.

Key Consideration Criteria

How Much It Costs

As with most of the recommendations that you’ll find on our website. We try to find products that are obviously of the highest quality but that also have a golfers budget in mind.

As a golfer, it is easy to spend vast amounts of money on equipment (in fact the golf industry is worth $70bn annually!) so therefore you will want to find the best value while not compromising on the quality of the equipment.

Flexibility Of The Driver

For seniors, flexibility is a concern when it comes to finding the best seniors golf driver. This is because as you age, your flexibility decreases and you develop slower swing speeds. In fact, unfortunately as an average seniors will see their golf handicap increase from previously.

This is why it is important to have a driver that best compliments your game and suits your exact style of golf.


Unfortunately, the golf swing speed of a senior will decrease. That is why having a golf driver that is lightweight can help to increase the club head speed which will help to add distance to your drives when you step out onto the golf course. This is the same when it comes to choosing senior golf balls, as the needs of a senior golfer change so do the buying criteria too.

Durability Of The Driver

As with all golf equipment, nobody wants to buy something that is not going to last beyond the short term. That is exactly why we choose equipment that is durable and can maximize your swing speed. Even the more budget conscious products on this list offer great value for their price in terms of durability.

Swing Speed

As golfers get older they tend to lose clubhead speed as their body ages. This can impact the swing speed that golfers produce when swinging the club as well as the requirements for which driver they should use. Typically a lightweight driver will help senior golfers to maintain speed through the swing.

In Detail: The Best Golf Driver For Seniors In 2022

Choice #1: Cobra King F7

cobra king f7

Let’s start with our overall #1 choice looking for both distance and accuracy. The reason that this driver is our #1 choice is because it comes with both fantastic flex and is highly durable.

What we like most about this club is that although some of the other clubs on this list have great features such as being lightweight or large sweet spots with plenty of forgiveness. This driver is an awesome combination of the factors that seniors would want to hit with a low center of gravity.

Combine this driver with one of the best driver shafts for distance and you’ll have a perfect combination and one of the best drivers for a slower swing speed on the market.

Choice #2: Cleveland Launcher HB

cleveland launcher

Next up is Cleveland’s offering. If you have a lower swing speed then the 12 degree head should be a good option and with a large sweet spot and club head on the club face you can be sure that this club will perform reliably for you as a senior golfer for you to produce a reliable launch angle for your drives.

This is one of the best value senior golf drivers on the market and comes with a driver shaft that keeps it lightweight. If you are a low handicapper then you may prefer other drivers on this list but this is one of the best mid handicapper senior drivers on the market and also makes our list of best drivers for distance.

Choice #3: Taylormade Men’s RBZ Black Driver

taylormade rbz

If you are looking for an extremely lightweight option for a senior golf driver then this driver is perfect for you. The Taylormade Men’s RBZ Black driver weighs under 300 grams and is a light offering compared to other of the best Taylormade drivers which will help with getting club swing speeds higher and getting a better launch angle for optimal ball flight and maximum distance.

As i’m sure you’re aware, Taylormade is one of the biggest brands out there and this offering is a sound club that when mixed with how lightweight it is makes it a great option for seniors looking for optimal ball flight off the tee.

Choice #4: PING G30

ping g30

Fourth on our list of the best golf drivers for senior golfers is the Ping G30. A club that has been used by pro’s on the PGA Tour such as Bubba Watson and for good reason. Time and again people see that they hit the ball further with this club compared to alternatives so makes a great option if driver distance is important to you.

Not only is the fact that you can increase distance with this club great but you also have adjustable loft options to suit your needs and the flexibility and performance that this club offers makes it one of the best beginner drivers for seniors.

Choice #5: Callaway Great Big Bertha

great big bertha

The Callaway Great Big Bertha Driver also makes our list of the best beginner golf drivers and this is no different for seniors as this club comes with great variety which makes it a perfect all-rounder for any senior looking for a new golf driver which can give them both distance and accuracy off the tee.

This driver ticks all of the boxes when it comes to finding a perfect golf driver that can offer a great spin rate for maximum distance as a senior, especially starting out and should definitely be considered.

Read our full Callaway Great Big Bertha Driver review.

Choice #6: PGX Offset

PGX Offset Golf Driver

The PGX Offset Driver will allow you to hit more accurate tee shots and prevent slices. It is an affordable option for golfers looking to save money.

  • Budget Friendly
  • Easy To Use
  • Anti Slice Technology

As we said earlier, pricing is an important factor when choosing golf products. The PGX Offset is the best value choice and comes at a price far below the other drivers on this list.

Sure, you won’t find the performance that other more premium options offer but as an all round budget alternative, this driver deserves a mention to round off this guide.

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In Summary: Which Senior Driver Should You Choose?

For us, the Cobra King F7 is the number one choice out of the list of the best drivers for senior. The quality of the club is premium and it is clear from the specification of the club that the driver is tailored to the needs of senior golfers who play golf.

However, if you are in the market based on other factors you may prefer our number one budget option such as the PGX Offset or if you want a lightweight club to increase your swing speed and in turn ball speed then you may choose the Taylormade RBZ. It can often come down to personal preference.

However one thing is for certain, with the range of top driver choices on this list you can be sure that there is a driver for you. Once you have your perfect driver for a senior golfer you will be in a good position to invest in a full set of the best senior golf clubs and the best senior golf balls.