Best Driver For Mid Handicappers [2021 Reviews]

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Best golf driver for mid handicappers main imageWe’ve been on the lookout for the best golf driver for mid handicappers and have curated the very best options into this comprehensive guide to assist you when deciding your choice for you.

Having the right driver in the bag is crucial for a beginner golfer and can be a hugely influential factor in the difference between success and failure when looking to increase driver distance. In our guide as well as showing you the very best golf driver for mid handicappers, we’ll cover a whole range of important buying factors that are crucial to know as part of the driver selection process.

Driving a golf ball with accuracy can be a challenge for golfers of all abilities whether it is a beginner golfer or experienced golfer. Therefore, it would make perfect sense to ensure that your driver is built around the strengths and weaknesses of a Mid Handicappers game. Ensuring that you have the best golf drivers for mid handicappers can reduce the amount of shots taken on a hole which will help you to reduce your golf handicap faster and increase your average driver distance.

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2021 Quick Picks: 7 Best Golf Driver For Mid Handicapper

Golf DriverCommentView
Golf Driver:
Taylormade M4
All-round choice
Golf Driver:
Callaway Epic Flash
High Performance, High End Choice
Golf Driver:
Taylormade M5
Adjustable loft, great for fast club head speed
Golf Driver:
Cobra King F8
Mid-range & Lightweight
Golf Driver:
PGX Offset
Budget choice
Golf Driver:
Callaway Men's Rogue
All round choice
Golf Driver:
TaylorMade SIM
All round choice

In Detail: The Best Golf Drivers For Mid Handicappers In 2021

Now that you know why having the best golf drivers for mid handicappers is essential and what to look for we’ll go into more detail about each of our choices below.

Choice #1: TaylorMade M4

mid handicapper driver 1

The M4 is one of the best mid handicapper drivers. Unlike the M2 which we recommend for beginners. We believe that the M4 Driver is suitable for mid handicappers as it is designed with so many flexible options starting with it’s adjustable loft and modern club technology.

Additionally, out of all of the selections on this list it is built for a nice mix of forgiveness and distance. With this golf driver in your bag it will help your mishits go straighter. Finally, if you have an average swing speed then this club is perfect for optimizing your potential distance off the tee and will help you to increase that club swing speed.

Choice #2: Callaway Epic Flash

Callaway Golf Epic Flash Driver

The Callaway Epic Flash Driver is a great fit for experienced golfers who are looking to add distance to their drives.

  • Flash Face Technology
  • Graphite Shafts
  • Highly Durable

This such a popular driver and one that you may have either heard of or seen before. Instantly recognizable and designed with peak performance in mind, we love this club. With their epic flash face club technology they are able to increase swing speed and ball speeds and you should see extra yards of carry. Additionally, something that is new with the Epic Flash driver compared to older models is that Callaway have factored in forgiveness more so than before which makes it a more suitable option for mid handicappers.

The major drawbacks to this driver are that despite the high performance, club technology and near perfect design, it is a premium option. If you are really looking to invest in an epic driver then this is a great choice but it is one of the most high end drivers that we feature on this list.

Choice #3: Taylormade M5

Mid handicapper driver 3

As we’re sure you can tell by now, we do love Taylormade drivers... and it is for good reason! An advanced offering from a leading golf brand means that it is potentially a great fit. This club is interesting in that it comes with both advanced twist face technology which is designed to help with forgiveness and also a Hammerhead 2.0 feature which helps to keep ball speed on non perfect shots (which we all know can happen from time to time!)

Choice #4: Cobra King F8

Mid handicapper driver 4

This option by Cobra is another option that makes our list. This very much ticks the boxes as a mid range choice of mid handicapper driver. The main differentiation being that it is so lightweight with a low center of gravity aid a faster swing speed!

Like other choices on this list it is a great all round mid range driver for mid handicappers. However, we also like the fact that it slightly more affordable than other premium brands on this list such as Callaway and Taylormade.

Choice #5: PGX Offset

PGX Offset Golf Driver

The PGX Offset Driver will allow you to hit more accurate tee shots and prevent slices. It is an affordable option for golfers looking to save money.

  • Budget Friendly
  • Easy To Use
  • Anti Slice Technology

Now we did promise you a cheap option for mid handicappers and it is here. Sure you may not have the performance of other drivers on this list which cost more but for the price that you pay this offers great value for money.

The club itself claims to have anti-slice technology and is something that casual golfers should have at the top of their list and is a top cheap driver for a slice. The downsides to this club are that it isn’t as durable, the loft isn’t adjustable and it won’t be as high performing to facilitate improvements in your drives. However, compared to either purchasing a random driver or cheap golf set without prior research this club is a must have if you are looking for maximum performance with minimum outlay.

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Choice #6: Callaway Men’s Rogue

Mid handicapper driver 6

Callaway is the final brand on our list of the best drivers for mid handicappers and despite featuring last we certainly believe it can be ranked high in your buying choice. This is because in a similar way to the Taylormade M2 driver, it is an all-round choice that has it’s place in the market.

Compared to the Epic Flash Driver highlighted earlier in this guide, the Callaway Men’s Rogue Driver is more affordable but as a result comes with lower quality spec. However, if you are a fan of Callaway and want a great option that still has a low center of gravity for significantly less then we would recommend this driver.

Choice #7: TaylorMade SIM 2 Driver

TaylorMade SIM 2 Driver

The TaylorMade SIM 2 Driver is a great all round driver that is made from high quality materials and built to promote long drives.

  • New Technology
  • Great For Distance
  • High Quality

Finally, if you are looking for a mid handicap driver from a leading premium brand then look no further than the TaylorMade SIM Driver. This makes our list thanks to it’s great design and premium feel. It provides a great all round performance that can not only help you to hit it long off the tee but also hit it straight too. If you want something with more forgiveness they also have a SIM Max offering for those who struggle with accuracy.

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Why It Is Important?

It is important to choose a good driver as you move through the gears of improving your golf handicap. This is because during a round you will realistically have 14-15 tee shots that you may at the very least consider using a driver on and by having distance and accuracy off the tee you will increase the likelihood of a good score on these holes. This is especially the case for using a driver on the longer holes and par 5’s.

You may also look for more advanced features for your golf driver as you get more experienced such as measuring the driver shaft length or looking for the best driver shaft for distance.

Key Buying Criteria

As with our top beginner golf drivers on the market reviews we will set out the same four purchasing criteria for golf drivers. These are forgiveness, pricing, loft and distance. The difference for mid handicap golfers is that the factors on each of the criteria are different. This is due to mid handicappers having different needs than beginner golfers.

Criteria #1: Forgiveness

If you don’t feel 100% confident in your driver swing despite having a reasonable mid handicap then you may still want a driver with forgiveness. This will help to support you game and is something that we’d advise at the mid handicap golf level. Otherwise you may find yourself slicing your drives and costing yourselves shots on the golf course.

Criteria #2: Pricing

As a mid handicap golfer you may be willing to invest more in your driver than many beginner golfers who are purchasing more based on value. In this guide we do cover a couple of great value choices. However, we find that at this level golfers are more invested in their game due to playing regularly but this can often come at an investment cost.

Criteria #3: Loft

As we discuss in our article on different driver lofts and distance, the highest loft doesn’t always mean the greatest distance. This is especially the case as your handicap improves. That is why a great option for mid handicappers may be to purchase an adjustable loft. As your golf swing speed improves you may look to lower the loft of your driver to increase distance off the tee.

Criteria #4: Distance

As with pretty much all golfers, you will be looking for something that complements your game. A long driver that incorporates distance within their specifications can be an advantage for a mid handicapper as it will increase their swing speed, especially if they feel that distance is where they can gain a competitive advantage over driving accuracy. A good choice here would aid a faster swing speed while not compromising on accuracy off the tee.

Best Drivers For Mid Handicappers: In Summary

Our top pick for the best golf driver for Mid Handicappers in 2021 is the Taylormade M4 Driver . We chose this choice because it is the best all-round choice that offers everything for mid handicappers without breaking the bank. However, it is important to note that everybody has different needs. Therefore, if you are on a strict budget then our choice would be the PGX Offset Driver and if you are happy to invest in the very best then we would choose the Callaway Epic Flash Driver.

However, their are other occasions where you may consider our other comparisons of other best drivers.