7 Best Women’s Golf Clubs [Top Sets For Ladies In 2023]

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This guide is all about uncovering the best women’s golf clubs. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to know exactly which golf club set you are going to be able to purchase and have confidence in to stand you in good stead when you next step out onto the golf course.

We’ve reviewed a range of different options against key buying criteria which means that you can spend more time on the course and less time needing to decide which golf club sets are right for you. We also go into detail about exactly why women require different clubs and how this can benefit you on the golf course.

Furthermore in this guide of the best ladies golf clubs in 2023 we uncover the pros and cons of a range of golf club sets and uncover which ones are suited to which specific type of different golfer.

Women’s Golf Clubs: 2023 Quick Picks

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Differences To Men’s Golf Clubs

The main differences between men’s clubs and ladie’s golf clubs are in both the length of the club and the weight of the golf club itself. With the US average male height being 5 ft 9 inches and the US average female height being around 5 ft 4 inches. (Healthline) Therefore when taking these height differences into consideration it is no surprise that there is a difference in the length of the golf clubs between genders. In this review we highlight some examples of tall golf clubs for men.

The difference in length between men’s and ladie’s golf clubs can be seen when looking at the loft of the driver’s used between genders, with a woman’s loft starting at 12 degrees compared to 9.5 degrees on men’s driver. This can be linked to the fact that ladies’ have a slower swing speed than male’s, the lighter golf clubs are designed to accommodate this to ensure maximum performance can be achieved.

Women’s Golf Clubs: Buying Criteria

Now that you know the differences between golf clubs, we’ll look at what some of the criteria are that you should consider when buying your golf clubs.

Criteria #1: Length

Firstly, as stated above the length of the golf clubs are important. You will want to purchase golf clubs that are the right length for your height. Doing this will allow you to maximize your golf swings and achieve optimum performance while increasing the average distance that your golf clubs strike.

Criteria #2: Weight

Additionally, as we state above, women’s clubs are lighter than men’s golf clubs. However, that doesn’t mean that there are not different levels in terms of the heaviness of clubs for both genders. Therefore, it is important to check the golf clubs weight compared to alternatives on the market.

Criteria #3: Pricing

You will likely want to ensure that you are getting good value for the golf club sets that you purchase. Therefore, pricing is an important consideration. Even if you are in the market for premium golf clubs, you will want to ensure that for the price that you pay you are getting clubs that are worth it.

Criteria #4: Ability Level

Finally, not all golf clubs are created equal as some favour starters and others favour professionals. That is why it is not always wise to copy clubs from the best players on tour such as Lexi Thompson! By knowing your own game inside out and your own strengths and weaknesses you will be able to craft golf club sets that are designed to your game and nobody elses.

In Detail: The Best Golf Club Sets For Ladies

Now that we have covered what to look for when choosing the best golf clubs for ladies we will go into full detail each of our top picks.

Choice #1: Callaway Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set

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First up we have our #1 pick, making the all round best golf club sets on our list. These golf clubs, the Callaway Women’s Strata are flexible and can be used for golfers of all abilities. They are especially beginner friendly! The reason that they make such a great all round option is firstly because they come from an instantly recognizable brand in Callaway. Secondly, they are lightweight which is always helpful when looking for golf clubs. Thirdly, they are relatively easy to hit compared to other clubs on the market and finally, they are reasonably priced! The fact that the Callaway Strata Ladies Women’s Complete Golf Set are so well priced leaves room in the budget for upgrading some of the equipment too. An example of this would be opting for a premium driver.

Additionally, being a complete golf clubs set you will have flexibility to try out the irons and hybrid clubs so that you can figure out exactly what works best for you. With this set you also get a stand bag so you can be fully sure that your golf needs are met in one convenient set!

Choice #2: Wilson Women’s Ultra

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If you’re looking for something that costs a little less but still performs to a good standard then look no further! This set is predominantly suited most to beginner ladies golfers with large sweet spots and the low centre of gravity being designed to increase club speed for golfers with low swing speeds.

Overall, despite being quite limited in parts if you are a regular golfer these clubs for women provide really great bang for your buck that you will struggle to find elsewhere.

Choice #3: Aspire XD1 set

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Third on our list is this set from Aspire. This is another set on our list that would be perfect as a starter ladies golf set. They tick all of the boxes that you will be looking for when looking for the best set of golf clubs for women.

Something that sets this golf set apart from it’s competitors besides the clubs themselves is the look and design of the bag itself. If you’re after an all round great starter set that includes a handy stand bag that will look stylish on the course and not cost the world then this may well be your best pick!

Choice #4: Nitro Golf Blaster

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Nitro golf have produced a great golf set that delivers value for money that is suitable for golfers of all abilities. We love the investment that Nitro have put into their clubs to ensure that they have extra durability and strength.

With a wide variety of clubs you can be assured that your game will be taken care of no matter if it is from the tee or you are putting on the green. This golf set also provides plenty of storage room which is always handy for storing equipment during your round.

Choice #5: Knight Women’s Set

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We love this Knight Women’s Golf Set! Firstly, other than the clubs themselves we also love the cutting edge design that these clubs offer which certainly makes them stand out instantly! To add to the great design the golf clubs are also designed to give you both distance and consistency.

Additionally the price of these golf clubs are great and chances are that it would be easy to buy more expensive sets that provide less quality!

Choice #6: Deluxe Petite Set

If you are petite then you may be looking for something specific in your quest for the best golf clubs for women. If so then we have the solution for you with this deluxe set. This set will be perfect for you if you are between 5 ft and 5 ft 5 inches tall and comes with all of the expected elements that you would find in a ladies golf bag. To add to the fact that they are great for petite golfers, they are also really lightweight and have a handy stand bag which makes them comfortable to carry when you are playing your golf round.

Choice #7: Palm Springs Hybrid Set

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Our final selection is perfect for you if you are looking for the best ladies hybrid golf set. This set includes 2 woods, 2 hybrids and 4 way full length dividers which gives plenty of options.

The clubs are light without feeling cheap and offer a solid performance. This makes them ideally suited for golfers who are beginners or even have some experience and want to accelerate their progress without spending a fortune. We’re sure that this set will leave you wanting to keep on heading to the driving range.

Best Women’s Golf Clubs: In Summary

As you can see from the above, there are a wide range of options when looking for the best golf clubs for women in 2023. Around 40 percent of new golfers are women (Thengfq.com) and it is important to find the right equipment that will make the game as enjoyable as possible for you. The golf clubs set that you choose could vary depending on your own specific needs but our overall #1 pick is the Callaway Strata Ultimate Ladies Women’s Complete Golf Set for what it offers all round. It comes in at a great price, has graphite shafts, a great design and can offer a great level of forgiveness which makes it an excellent set of women’s golf clubs. However, if you are buying on other criteria such as the best value, best design or a petite golf set then you may be better suited to the other golf club sets in this complete guide.

Additionally, once you have your chosen clubs you may wish to go for a golf club fitting which you can find out more about here or tailor certain clubs in your bag such as choosing the best golf driver for women.

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