Best Golf Clubs For Beginners [2023 Reviews]

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Starting out, golf can be hard. Therefore, if you are able to purchase the best golf clubs for beginners then you are in a great position to help your game in the beginning.

Every beginner golfer is different. Some pick the sport up straight away while others take longer to get used to the equipment. This is why there is a no size fits all and in this beginner golf clubs guide you will find a range of golf club options to suit different needs.

We cover the pros and cons of a range of clubs and exactly why you should purchase each specific one so that you know exactly which clubs are right for you when choosing which clubs to buy for your game.

In A Hurry? Our #1 Pick Is

Callaway Golf Men's Strata Complete Set

The Callaway Strata Is a great beginner set which gives new golfers a complete set of golf clubs at an affordable price.

  • Budget Alternative
  • Built For Forgiveness
  • More Beginner Focused
  • Offer Great Value For The Price

The Callaway Strata Set offers a premium feel for a respectable price. These clubs will give you confidence from tee to green if you are looking for a starter golf set that is reliable and forgiving. They will help to make your rounds more enjoyable as you learn the ropes of the game and develop your skill level by providing a solid foundation to get yourself out onto the golf course.

2023 Quick Picks: 6 Best Golf Club Sets For Beginners

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In Detail: The Best Golf Clubs For Beginners In 2023

Now that you know exactly what to look for and if beginner golf sets are for you, we will go into full detail about the best golf club sets for beginners in 2023.

Choice #1: Callaway Strata Set

Overall #1 Pick

Callaway Golf Men's Strata Complete Set

The Callaway Strata Is a great beginner set which gives new golfers a complete set of golf clubs at an affordable price.

  • Budget Alternative
  • Built For Forgiveness
  • More Beginner Focused
  • Offer Great Value For The Price

One of the bigger brands on this complete list is this set from Callaway. While these aren’t the most advanced of Callaway golf clubs, what these will offer for a new golfer is consistency, distance and forgiveness which are all desirable traits in beginner golf clubs. They are also good golf clubs for taller golfers.

If you are looking for a beginner golf set with a higher end feel then you will likely want to go with this set and find great value for a premium golf brand. It is also worth noting that they have a women’s set of clubs too.

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Choice #2: Wilson Profile SGI

Best Value

Next we have not only a fantastic all round option but also a set which represents value for money for golfers starting out. Simply put most other golf club sets in this price range are not up to this quality in terms of durability and forgiveness.

That being said if you are a beginner dipping your toe into the sport without wanting to put in a huge investment then this Wilson’s set is probably the choice that you want to make. If some of the clubs aren’t perfect for your game as you gain more experience then you can always buy individual clubs to develop your perfect set.


  • Affordable
  • Reasonable Performance


  • Limited compared to more advanced golf clubs
  • Durability

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Choice #3: Pinemeadow Complete Set

Great Value For Money

beginner clubs 2

Pinemeadow are a great brand if you are starting out. They are an easy choice to make our best beginner golf clubs list. With a full set and reliable quality you can be sure that your basic golfing needs are met, which is something that most beginner golfers want.

In terms of the golf clubs themselves. They offer performance that provide a great bang for your buck in a similar fashion to the Wilson clubs mentioned above in this guide so if you are looking for a cheap golf set then this could be for you. Sure you may find results with other clubs but as we’ve already stated, chances are you don’t want to break the bank as a beginner and with this set from driver to putter you will be provided with reliable golf clubs that can aid your game as a beginner.

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Choice #4: Tour Edge Golf – Bazooka 360 Set

All Round Beginner Option

beginner clubs 3

Coming in at significantly less cost than the traditional big name golf club sets is this Tour Edge Golf set. Again we love this set because it shows that great value can be found for beginner golfers without going for the most ‘flashy’ options.

From club to club you will find reliability and performance that you aren’t currently finding. As you play more golf, over time you may choose to upgrade the clubs as you learn more about your game but as a starter set you can’t go wrong here.

Choice #5: Confidence Golf v3 Hybrid Set

Best Beginner Hybrid Set

beginner golf clubs 5

We have saved an option with some difference for last on this list. Our choice as the best hybrid beginner golf set is this one from Confidence Golf. With these golf clubs you will probably find it easier to strike mid range shots as discussed earlier in this guide.

Now, the clubs themselves may not be as high quality some of the other choices that you will find here. However, if you are struggling with your long irons and would prefer a beginner hybrid option then these are our top pick as you will struggle to find a better hybrid option for the price. By choosing a hybrid set such as this you may find golf more enjoyable and easier, especially on long approach shots.

Choice #6: Callaway Edge Unisex Golf Set

Premium Choice

Callaway Unisex's Edge 10 Piece Golf Set

The Callaway Edge is an all round Unisex set that comes at a great price for beginners and mid handicappers.

  • Great Value
  • Great Design
  • Forgiving
  • All round Performance
  • Beginner Friendly

If you’re looking to invest more into your beginner golf set and something that you can grow into if you play regularly then we’d recommend the Callaway Edge Golf Clubs.

When comparing the Callaway Edge vs the Strata set they are more expensive but also more durable and offer performance that you are likely to respond to whether you are starting out or are more of an intermediate golfer. Compared to paying full price for premium clubs this offers a great alternative and you will be able to get up and running on the golf course with full confidence in your equipment.

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Choice #7: TaylorMade SIM MAX Irons

If you’re a beginner looking for a specific iron set then the Taylormade SIM MAX irons could be the perfect option. This set of irons through to pitching wedge offers forgiveness and playability at an affordable price.

They will cost more than many of the dedicated complete sets that are included in this category, but provide much more value for money than individual clubs from different manufacturers when looking to buy a full set of game improvement irons.

These will fit the bill if you’re looking specifically for irons that come with a large sweet spot that are easy to hit and forgiving of miss hits. They give a crisp feel and avoid unwanted vibrations that can sometimes be an issue with some sets in this price range.

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The benefits of having good golf clubs are vast. In fact having the right equipment can position you to improve more than for highly skilled golfers. (Golf) Many people try and get by with average golf equipment when starting out simply in the hope of being able to get around the course for the day. However, something that these golfers don’t factor in is that poor equipment not only won’t work well and may cost their average yardages that the golf clubs go but they also won’t last long. Therefore it is worth the right investment in the right equipment!

As you spend more time on the course or at your local driving range you will learn more about your game such as your average club head speed which will help you to choose the right equipment for your game. For example your choice of driver loft can depend on your swing speed as you can see by the below chart.

Key Buying Criteria

When purchasing a good starter golf set it is essential to look at several criteria that will affect your club buying decision. We highlight these below:

Criteria #1: Durability

When purchasing new clubs and especially a whole set of clubs it is important to ensure that the golf clubs that you choose are durable and likely to last the test of time (this can also be achieved with a golf club cleaning routine). Having durable golf clubs will make your experience on the golf course more enjoyable than simply using cheap and ineffective golf clubs.

Criteria #2: Forgiveness

Something that golfers need starting out as their technique will likely be imperfect is a set of clubs that offer forgiveness. Having clubs that incorporate forgiveness can help beginners to increase their average driver distance, improve their golf scoring and in turn improve their golf handicap sooner. It is important to remember that it is essential to work on your golf swing fundamentals such as aim, stance and grip otherwise you will hinder your progress potential.

Criteria #3: Pricing

Beginner golfers are often more budget conscious than experienced golfers with most of spending on golf equipment in total coming from golfers that play on a regular basis. This makes sense as low handicappers tend to play more often than beginners and would therefore be more invested in their equipment. However, this doesn’t mean that there isn’t great value out there to be had for beginners.

Criteria #4: Weight

You will also want to consider how much golf clubs weigh. This is because beginner golfers have a slower swing speed and by using lightweight clubs golfers who are starting out are able to gain an edge and more distance on their shots than with heavier golf clubs.

Beginner Golf Club Sets Vs Individual Golf Clubs

Often people when starting out can be torn between buying clubs individually or as a whole set. It is a hotly debated topic as can be read here. To answer this i’d recommend buying a set first of all to give you a set of clubs to get used to and learn more about your individual game and that is exactly what you will find in this guide. From there it will be possible to find clubs to suit your needs as you both learn more about your game and also develop your game.

For example your driver needs as a beginner will be different to your driver needs as a mid handicapper. Also if your budget allows you can also incorporate a golf club fitting cost to get your clubs tailored to you.

Which Beginner Golf Clubs Will You Need To Carry?

The golf clubs to carry for a beginner can differ to those needed for an experienced golfer. A typical golf bag has 14 golf clubs in it with some clubs which will be consistent and some clubs changing due to the individual preference of the players. This can especially be the case when it comes to the wedges. For example you may be unsure whether to use a sand wedge or a lob wedge.

Golfers may opt for a typical set which includes a full set of irons, full set of wedges and a putter. Alternatively if a beginner isn’t comfortable with long irons they may opt for a hybrid set which includes hybrids as replacements. These are generally easier to hit and are ideal for beginners who want to hit distance consistently in the fairway.

Hybrids compare to Long Irons in the below measurements (Golf Galaxy):

  • Hybrid 2H = 5 Wood = 1 or 2 Iron
  • Hybrid 3H = 6 Wood = 2 or 3 Iron
  • Hybrid 4H = 7 Wood = 3 or 4 Iron
  • Hybrid 5H = 9 Wood = 4 or 5 Iron

In Summary: The Best Beginner Golf Club set Is…

So now it’s decision time. Firstly, you need to decide if choosing a good starter golf set is right for your and then it is all about deciding out of these selections, which one is the best beginner golf club set for you? In truth it is totally dependent on what your specific buying criteria when choosing the top rated golf clubs is and what is important for you when you are searching for what may be your very first golf club set.

It is also worth investing in good beginner golf balls at the same time and you may also look to tailor your clubs to your needs, for example you may consider the best wedges for beginners for dial in your short game. By having the right equipment you can speed up your process of knowing how to play golf as a beginner.

Overall our #1 pick would be between the Callaway Strata Set and the Wilson Complete Set as they offer flexibility and reliability as the best beginner golf clubs without breaking the bank.