6 Best Golf Balls For Distance [2021 Longest Golf Ball Reviews]

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Selecting the best golf ball for your game can be a tough business. There are always several things that you need to check out before you can pick the best option for you, especially if your criteria is to find the best golf balls for distance. 

For many golfers distance is imperative, especially off the tee. If you are looking for a ball that can get you some serious mileage, a little bit of testing may be required. Here are some of the best balls for the distance that you can use to test and increase your yardage on the course.

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Top 3 Quick Comparison

Editors Choice
Callaway Chrome Soft
Callaway Chrome Soft
  • Compression Rating: 75
  • Construction: Four-Piece
  • Price: $$
Premium Choice
Titleist Pro V1x
Titleist Pro V1x
  • Compression Rating: 108
  • Construction: Four-Piece
  • Price: $$$
Budget Choice
TaylorMade Distance+
TaylorMade Distance+
  • Compression Rating: 77
  • Construction: Two-Piece
  • Price: $

Best Golf Balls For Distance In 2021

Below we go into full detail about exactly what the best distance golf balls are when it comes to adding new golf balls to your bag.

Distance Ball #1: Callaway ChromeSoft Ball

#1 Overall Pick

Callaway now stands as the largest golf equipment supplier in the world. Today, they continually deliver high levels of innovation in almost every area, year after year. Perhaps their brand name hasn’t always had the connotations of top, soft golf balls, ideal for long-distance, but we can assure you that this perception is changing, largely thanks to the Chromesoft.

What makes this ball so special is the construction of its dual-core. An incredibly soft inner core is surrounded by a coating of firmer, and a more rigid outer core. It’s this more elastic, the inner core which can allow for long-distance shots, and the outer core can aid the control for low handicappers. On top of this, users can benefit from the four-layer construction, where a thin mantle layer will coat the dual softcore. This is surrounded by the ultra-soft urethane cover which gives the ball its impressive grip from the face of the club.

If you are starting out you may want to compare the Callaway Chromesoft Vs Supersoft as you may find with a slower swing speed that you may be better suited to that beginner golf ball instead however.

Distance Ball #2: Titleist Pro V1X

Premium Choice

After the introduction of the ZG process core in 2011, this next-generation Pro V1X can benefit from a new, impressive formula that gives users faster ball speeds and lower spins. This improvement can is most seen in the long game. To further aid this improvement, the master hob on which all of the ball’s dimples are created has been changed and much improved.

This new design is etched into the ball by laser, resulting in a better consistency from dimple to dimple. When playing with this ball, golfers can expect a much more aerodynamically consistent flight and a tighter window at peak height on each apex. 

Distance Ball #3: Taylormade Distance Plus

Great Value Option

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This is another one of those balls that can be labelled as quintessential distance balls, as per their name. They are entirely engineered from the inside out to help you hit your maximum distance. It features not only a lothane cover, to help you with increased controls around the greens, but a combination of its 60 ball compression and 342 dimple design, complemented by the two-piece construction feature, this ball could be the new go-to for long-distance shots. 

What’s more, is, should these babies wind up in the bushes or the drink, you won’t feel too ashamed. How come? Well, they will only set you back about $25 for a dozen. Any golfer who is looking for a long, durable ball which is made for distance, yet doesn’t want to risk a personal fortune in a packet of nuts, then this might be the set for you. 

Distance Ball #4: Wilson Tour Velocity Golf Ball

All Rounder

This option is renowned for its low compression, designed with just one thing in mind: to give golfers the most pleasant experience possible while out in the course. It does this in many ways, but most predominantly, its soft feel, high levels of playability and long-distance strikes. The two-piece construction is made up of both a hard, ionomer outer cover, which is enhanced by a dimple pattern for longer flight paths. 

What’s more, is, the rubber stuffing and the hard, plastic metal give this ball a long lifespan. Most players will report that it can go 5+ years out in the course. It comes in a 15 ball pack, and you can be assured that up you will get peak performance from the tee right through to the green, the only drawback is that once you get there, the ball will move very quickly on the green, making it difficult to put. 

Distance Ball #5: Nitro Maximum Distance Golf Ball 

Best Value

If you are searching for a ball that will give you extra distance, this might just be the one you are looking for. At this price, this Golf ball if almost unmatchable compared to any of its competitors. It is the titanium core which transfers the maximum amount of energy from the club straight to the ball. Users of this ball can benefit from less spinning and a much higher velocity. The dimples are designed specifically for maximum aerodynamic performance, meaning this ball can cut through the air at maximum speed, as well as ensuring there is a high degree of flight stability while in the air. 

This is another two-piece ball. Like some of the others on the list, this means there are just an outer layer and the core. Of course, this means that the ball is softer, and there will be a more considerable distance. This ball is so impressively designed that it is reported to have outperformed many types of 3 piece golf balls. 

Another one of the very best features of this ball is its affordability. It is a very reasonable price and has a lot of perks too. Of course, it may not be of the same premium quality as more expensive alternatives, but anyone searching for a long-distance ball on a budget can benefit from this one. 

Distance Ball #6: Wilson Ultra Distance 

All Out Distance

This golf ball is all about distance. This two-pieces constructed ball is firm, with a relatively low spin rate. The outer layer is resilient, entirely made from ionomer. The titanium core aids players to hit both more consistent shots, and of course, much longer-Distance chances. Any disabled players who are looking for that little bit of extra distance off the tee can benefit from this one. It is a low-priced, high-quality golf ball, that will value range over excessive control. 

The only drawback that can be taken from this ball is that some players, particularly those with less experience, may struggle on finesses shots. It is in the players’ hands to balance the power and accuracy of the ball, particularly on soft surfaces. 

Criteria Of The Best Distance Golf Balls

Although distance is a huge factor in choosing a golf ball, there are several factors that can impact your decision which we will highlight below:


As you are viewing our guide ‘The Best Golf Balls For Distance‘, it can be assumed that distance is a primary factor in your golf ball decision making. You can be assured that only distance golf balls have been considered in this guide and they will be able to supplement hitting extra yardage off the tee and to allow you to get better golf ball speed on your shots.


It is important to use a golf ball that you have confidence in. If you trust the ball that you are using it will help both your confidence and performance on the golf course.


If you are a average golfer then you will want golf balls that are able to stand the test of time. The average ball can last up to seven full rounds without seeing any wear and tear. However, a poorly constructed golf ball will not be able to stand the test of time.


Most buyers are budget conscious so would like to find great value when searching for a golf ball, so it is important to consider the price that you will pay when it comes to investing in golf balls for your game.

Ball Compression

Choosing the right golf ball compression can be important when choosing the golf ball that you’d like to use. For example a golf ball with low compression is more beginner friendly than a 100 compression ball which is more well suited to advanced power golfers.

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Which Is The Longest Golf Ball?

From our guide above to answer the question which is the longest golf ball, we would recommend choosing either the Callaway Chromesoft or the Titleist ProV1X if you want a premium distance golf ball. When you combine a distance golf ball with other features such as a distance driver and a distance driver shaft then you can really enhance your game off the tee. However, remember that this can only really be achieved by improving your technique and working on other key factors such as increasing club head speed and working on the speed that the golf ball travels. Also it doesn’t always pay dividends if you are unsure how to hit straight drives.

However, this doesn’t mean it is necessarily the best golf ball to choose when other factors are taken into consideration such as price, quality and durability.

In Summary: Which Is The Best Distance Golf Ball For You?

When it comes to making your choice of the best distance golf ball it can all come down to personal preference. Just like how some people prefer buying golf balls that have been used and may have gone bad, it can all come down to a specific golfers needs. If you have experience on the course and really looking to invest in your game then we would advise to go for the Chromesoft Golf Balls. However, if you are on a budget then you may be better suited to choosing the Wilson Ultra Distance or Nitro Maximum distance.