How To Put Backspin On A Golf Ball [The Ultimate Guide]

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How To Put Backspin On A Golf Ball Main ImageIf you’re looking to know how to put backspin on a golf ball then you’re in the right place! 

Adding backspin to a golf ball is something that all golfers want to achieve but something that few are able to perform consistently as it takes more than just having a great backspin wedge to add backspin on a golf ball.

In our ultimate backspin golf guide guide we’ll cover exactly what backspin is and why it is important, what causes backspin in golf as well, exactly how to add backspin  and run you through some of the best wedges for backspin and best golf balls for backspin.

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When is backspin useful?

useful backspin near flagBefore we tell you how to put backspin on a golf ball it is important to know why backspin is important.

Firstly, knowing how to add backspin to a golf ball is a handy technique on approach shots and is something that all scratch golfers have in their arsenal of skills around the green.

It is especially useful when the pin is located at the front of the green because the golfer can aim their shot to the back of the green and spin the ball back closer to the hole, meaning less putts should be required on that particular hole.

It is also useful when you use your wedge to chip as it will help golf balls to stop suddenly.

Beginner golfers often focus on other key areas of their game but as you use your GHIN handicap and move towards scratch adding backspin can reduce quite a few shots from your round.

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What causes backspin in golf?

key golf backspin causes

Backspin in golf is caused by the following key factors which are:

  • Club loftloftier clubs such as wedges generate more backspin due to the angle of attack increasing the spin rate. All clubs, even drivers generate some backspin due to the golf club’s loft (this is the angle of attack between the clubface and a vertical plane.) However, most backspin will be generated from wedges.
  • Surface friction – A smoother surface such as a fairway generates more backspin when you hit the ball than rougher surfaces with longer grass as they have less friction which also increases the spin rate.
  • Equipment – Certain golf balls are designed to increase spin rate on golf shots such as these.
  • Club speed – Slow club head speed shots will generate less backspin on the golf ball so therefore when you are trying to put backspin on the golf ball it is best to aim to increase your club head speed as this is another contributing factor in the balls spin rate.

When describing the amount of backspin on a golf ball, golfers would typically use a golf term know as Spin Rate with these factors above increasing the spin rate.

Spin rate is an important factor when looking at the height and distance that a ball travels. 

Wedges will typically see high spin rates with irons with a lower loft such as a 4-6 iron generating a lower spin rate.

Golf Backspin In Action

Want to see an example of awesome backspin in action? Look at this amazing backspin shot from Marc Leishman!

How to put backspin on a golf ball?

Now we’ll cover the exact steps needed to know how to add backspin on a golf ball.

  • You should use a smaller iron or wedge.
  • Use a golf ball with 90 compressions to allow for more backspin in golf.
  • Backspin works best off a fairway as the rougher the surface the harder it is to apply backspin to your shots.
  • Set your stance towards the back foot for backspin shots oppose to the typical center of the stance.
  • On swinging down you should be taking a divot alongside hitting the ball to allow for as much backspin as possible.
  • The most important step is to put the backspin only when you are hitting the ball upside into the air. If you try backspin when you are playing downhill the effectiveness will be severely reduced. 
  • Keep practicing!

The below video tutorial covers these steps:

Putting backspin on a ball with different clubs

Backspin shots work best when using smaller clubs such as a wedge which won’t go as far as other clubs. This is due to the angle of attack and traction you can get with the club to generate the backspin. Typically as you work your way up the irons it becomes harder to generate backspin onto your shots.

What are the best backspin golf clubs?

You can make your task of adding backspin to the golf ball easier with the right equipment.

Getting the right equipment to suit your game is the best investment you can make if you play occasionally to regularly. The best golf clubs for backspin are either a lob wedge or a sand wedge due to the extra height that they generate with increased spin rate.

Our #1 rated golf club for backspin

If backspin is something that you want to add to your game (which we would assume is true as you’re reading this!) then having some clubs that will aid that part of your game is a necessity.  

We absolutely love the Cleveland 588 Rtx 2.0 forged Black Satin – Golf Wedge for adding backspin to a golf ball.

From experience this club can definitely add both distance to your wedges and backspin to your game and is ideal for golfers of all abilities which makes it our #1 pick.

With over 100 reviews on amazon, it is a firm favorite with golfers of all ranges.

You can check out our full guide of the best wedges for backspin where we cover the range of options available to golfers of all abilities.

What is the best golf ball for backspin?

Yes, the choice of golf club is so important when learning how to put backspin on a golf ball but something that is often overlooked is ensuring you have the best golf ball for backspin in golf.

Each golf ball is designed for a different purpose. Some will add distance, some will add spin and others are good all rounders whereas some, cheaper golf balls are simply low quality.

So what is the best golf ball for backspin?

Our best golf ball for backspin

We love the Srixon Z-Star Golf Balls as they aid adding backspin but also won’t compromise other aspects of your game such as distance or control either which is a perfect blend for golfers of all abilities.

Additionally as they are reasonably priced and are a nice addition to any golfers bag.

Practice backspin golf drills at the driving range

The best way to learn how to add backspin to a golf ball before you step onto the course is by practicing.

This involves doing the right backspin golf drills to hone your skills and there is no better time to practice than when you hit the ball at the driving range.

Below is a video from the range that can help you to practice your game:

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